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Publications / articles

Indigenous Peoples' global summit on climate change

Agnes Apusigah, Diagnosing Poverty in northern Ghana: Institutional versus Community Views

Why is organic farming nog spreading faster? Results of four district level brainstorming sessisons.

B.Y. Guri, Innovative approaches to international education. Indigenous knowledge and human capital formation for balanced development ( Accra, 2007).

J.M.R.S. Bandara an others, Chronic renal failure among farm families in cascade irrigation systems in Sri Lanka, (Sri Lanka 2007)

Electronic bulletin of the COMPAS partner in El Salvador: Los Pasos del Jaguar Bulletin

Report of an exchange between Mapuche traditional experts and university academics in southern Chile, December 2007.

R. N. Mandal, G. S. Saha, N. Sarangi, Harvest and processing of Makhana: unique indigenous techniques of the indigenous peoples