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Founded in 2003, the Endogenous Livestock Development (ELD) network is a learning and sharing initiative with the goal to promote ELD as a valid development option and induce a paradigm shift in livestock development. The network seeks to link individuals and organisations involved in people-centred livestock activities, and provide a platform for exchange and joint action. The major objectives of the network are:

  • To create a global umbrella for learning, collaboration and networking
  • To deepen the understanding of people-centred livestock development
  • To support field-based ELD initiatives
  • To influence livestock-related education, research and policies.

Loose structure
Up to 2006, the ELD network had a loose structure and ran its activities on a limited budget, capitalising on activities and resources of the different member organisations. Activities included operating a mailing list on ELD with around 300 members, and distributing an electronic newsletter ‘People and Livestock’.

International core group
To coordinate networking activities and exchange information and experiences on ELD an international core group has been meeting regularly. The number of organisations involved in the network has grown steadily, and several international networks and organisations have started integrating information and activities on ELD into their work.

COMPAS was one of the initiators of the ELD network.

More information: www.eldev.net