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Makerere University
Department of Botany
Mr John R.S. Tabuti
P.O. Box 7062

T: +256 (0)41 540 765 │ +256 (0)77 2960 880 (mobile)
F: +256 (0)41 531 061
E: jtabuti@botany.mak.ac.ugjrstabuti@yahoo.com
W: www.mak.ac.ug

Makerere University works together with COMPAS partner PFRAD, Uganda

Established in 1922 as a technical school, Makerere University is one of the oldest Universities in Africa. In 1949, it became a University College affiliated to the University College of London. On July 1st 1970 Makerere became an independent national university of the Republic of Uganda, offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses leading to its own awards.

Working relations between PFARD and Makerere University started in 2004 with the Evaluation of PFARD activities by the University. Since then the link between the two institutions has been strengthened through involvement in PFARD activities of both lecturers and students of the departments of Botany, Food- Science and Arts. Makerere University conducted the Community Resource Diagnosis and the action research for PFARD. These actions gave rise to the joint activities that followed, such as research in herbal medicine with Makerere University students, Phenology study with the University of Norway, Makerere and the rural communities of Ikumbya. PFARD and Makerere jointly present papers during the African Sciences workshop in Ghana (2005).

Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies, MUCCoBS, Tanzania

Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies
Mr O.T. Kibwana
P.O. Box 474
Sokoine Road

T: +255 754 272 695
E: otkibwana@yahoo.co.uk
W: www.muccobs.ac.tz

MUCCoBS works together with COMPAS partner WVIWATA, Tanzania

Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies (MUCCoBS) is one of Tanzania’s premier institutions of higher learning. Established in 1963 as the Moshi Cooperative College, MUCCoBS became a University College in 2004. MUCCoBS offers residential courses, programmes of distance learning and tailor-made programmes. In addition, the University operates through a network of regional centres in the whole of Tanzania Mainland which carter for grassroots training, research and consultancy.

Making use of its regional centres, the University is involved in testing and piloting innovative strategies for engaging communities in sustainable, participatory development processes. It does this in collaboration with local, national, and international partners. Initially, MUCCoBS was responsible for implementing COMPAS related activities in the field. In 2004, it handed over this responsibility to MVIWATA, retaining its university role. The decision was both logical and strategic. Logical in the sense that the University does not have a direct developmental mandate at the field level; and strategic because working with and through MVIWATA is part and parcel of the universities mandate on capacity building for member based organisations.

National University of Lesotho, NUL, Lesotho

National University of Lesotho
P.O. Roma 180
Maseru 100
W: www.nul.ls

The National University of Lesotho works together with COMPAS partner SAEDP

University for Development Studies, UDS, Ghana

Mr David Millar and Ms Agnes Apusigah
P O Box 1350

T: +233 2440 28649 │ +233 2445 81725
E: cecik@africaonline.com.ghapusigah59@yahoo.com

The University for Development Studies works together with COMPAS partner CECIK, Ghana

University for Development Studies (UDS)
The University for Development Studies (UDS) was established in 1992 as a multi-campus institution to serve the four northern regions of Ghana in which rural poverty and environmental degradation are widely prevalent. The University currently focuses mainly on studies in Agricultural Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Applied Sciences, Integrated Development Studies and Inter-disciplinary Research.

CECIK has been working with the UDS since 1998 in the area of research, documentation and dissemination. CECIK serves as a field-base for UDS for information gathering and joint learning on Endogenous Development, as well as in the attachment of students for field practicals.

University of Cape Coast, UCC, Ghana

University Post Office
Mr Stephen Kendie
P.O. Box 01
Cape Coast

T: +23 208 123 677
E: skendie2001@yahoo.com

The University of Cape Coast works together with COMPAS partner CIKOD, Ghana

University of Cape Coast (UCC)
The University of Cape Coast was established in 1962 out of a need for highly qualified and skilled human resource need in education. UCC’s aim was to train graduate teachers for second cycle institutions, Teacher Training Colleges as well as Technical Institutions. The University has since its establishment added to its functions the training of educational planners, administrators, and agriculturalists.

University OF ZULULAND, South Africa

University of Zululand
Mr Abraham Mwadiwa and Mr Raymond Tivafire
P.Bag X 1000
Kwadlangezwa 3886

The University of Zululand works together with COMPAS partner SAEDP

Zimbabwe Open University, ZOU, Zimbabwe

Mr Alex Chabaya
Box 1210

E: achabaya@yahoo.com
W: www.zou.ac.zw

The Zimbabwe Open University works together with COMPAS partner SAEDP