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Gami Seva Sevana, GSS, Sri-Lanka

Mr Ranjith de Silva
Office Junction
Tel: 0094 (0)81 2467201 / 0094 (0)60 2801625 (mobile)

E-mail: gamiseva@sltnet.lk

The Gami Seva Sevana Limited (GSS)  a Non Governmental Organization founded in 1977 and registered under the Companies Ordinance in January 1981 as a  Company limited by guarantee and GSS officially registered as a full fleged non profit NGO.

GSS is based in the  mid country of Sri Lanka and involved in the Promotion of Organic Agriculture,  Organic FarmingTraining, Demonstration and Documentation.

GSS has become a new partner in the ED Project under the COMPAS programme in February 2007.

Mr. Ranjith de Silva (Director of GSS) has organized a meeting to the GSS field staff to build an awareness in ED on 10th of May 2007 and Mr.K.A.J.Kahandawa was invited to conduct the programme. The main subjects discussed were:

  1. What is Compas programme and ED.
  2. What is CNRM and the main objectives of this project and the field implementations of this project.
  3. Mainstreaming, upscaling and the Network management.

The most important conclusions relevant to ED taken in this discussion were:

  • Conducting research in Traditional Seeds and Planting materials in a farmer based participatory basis.
  • Promoting seed banks.
  • Finding out the Indigenous practices ( Spirituals and Rituals) through the Baseline Survey and conducting research on ED.