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Discussion / e-discussion


The discussion on youth and endogenous development triggered interest from all continents. Information was shared along two lines:

(1) Sharing practical field experiences of working with youth in endogenous development

Sharing the experiences of working with young people in endogenous development led to reflections on possible tensions between adolescents and adults. Questions that were raised included do young people have genuine different wishes than adults in relation to indigenous and modern cultures, and how are endogenous development programmes dealing with the rebellion many young people go through?

(2) Sharing ways in which adolescence is perceived in different cultures

Different reflections were shared on the role of youth in societies and in life. In relation to endogenous development special attention was paid to the tension between indigenous views on youth and gender, and modern expectations of adolescents in which emphasis is put on their individuality. Questions that were raised included how to deal with this tension between different expectations in development programmes, and how do different perceptions on adolescence influence the way communities and development workers perceive the role of the young in endogenous development programmes?

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