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About COMPAS / who we are

Economic development that is not rooted in the culture of a population,
can never bring about sustainable development

World Commission of Culture and Development, 1995 (www.unesco.org)

COMPAS (comparing and supporting endogenous development) is an international network implementing field programmes to develop, test and improve endogenous development methodologies. Endogenous development is based on local peoples' own criteria of development, and takes into account the material, social and spiritual well-being of peoples. Activities of the COMPAS network are related to Natural Resource Management, Education, Health and Systems of Governance. Partners in the COMPAS network are NGOs and Universities in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The main objectives of COMPAS are:

  • To systematically develop, test and improve methodologies for endogenous development based on rural peoples' worldviews.

  • To mainstream the endogenous development approach into policies and development programmes.

  • To enhance the capacity of NGOs in endogenous development.

  • To initiate and support local initiatives that enhance bio-cultural diversity and indigenous knowledge development.

  • To support an international platform for information exchange on culture, worldviews and development.