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Mainstreaming the endogenous development approach to new audiences is done in various ways:

COMPAS produces a magazine with the aim to inform and involve NGO and government staff in endogenous development and to trigger debate in the development arena. For those who want to read more on endogenous development books and articles are available on the COMPAS website. Other forms of documentation include posters, calendars, participatory videos, and oral documentations.

Policy dialogue
Through establishing or participating in multi-stakeholder platforms, COMPAS partner organisations seek the involvement in endogenous development of NGOs, researchers and relevant policy makers. Workshops are held at local, national, regional and international levels to create awareness on endogenous development.

Curriculum development
Several COMPAS partners work on including aspects of endogenous development in curricula at primary, secondary and higher educational levels. The CAPTURED programme of the University of Development Studies in Ghana will further strengthen this effort.